Welcome to The Grand Picnic

The Grand Picnic
Sunday, 22nd Jan 2023
Safa Park

Back for the third time

It’s The Grand Picnic time of the year! Join us at Safa Park and experience the cars, the food and the coffee, don’t forget your picnic set up. As always the grand picnic is where the finest Automobiles and Motorcycles hit the lawn for rare appearances, so make sure you don’t miss it. We can’t wait to see you in your vintage outfit.


Do I need to register to bring my car to the park?
Yes you do.

Is there a fee to bring my car to the park?
No there isn’t. Bringing your car to the park is free, however cars will need to be registered and approved before you can bring it to the event.

What are the event timings?
10am to 6 pm

What kind of cars can we expect this year?
The rarest cars and bikes in the GCC, not your usual every day commuters.

What cars are not allowed into the event?
Cars that don’t have a pass. 

Is there a dress code at the park?
No dress code but you will look out of place if you don’t wear vintage clothes.

Are there food and beverages outlets at the event?
Yes, there will be 4 different food and beverage outlets.

Can I Barbeque in the park?
Only in the areas specified by the park management.

Can I rev my car or do burnouts?
No, revving and burnouts are strictly forbidden at Flat 12 events.

What did it look like last year?